About 9PRPG

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Welcome to the threshold of RPG!

Nine Portals publishes books on routing portals and maps for role-playing games. As well, we publish supplements for RPG, and fictitious history, and a wealth of lore for the nine portals system (a portal routing system for fantasy-adventure and sci-fi games).

Nine Portals is a role-playing game supplement exploring most of the popular base games by TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Palladium, Warhammer, and so on, in a new system of portal routing and matrix documenting of key components in campaigns.

Prior to the first writing of the Nine Portals system in 2008, the world of role-playing games already made some use of portals (Including Rifts RPG), but these games lacked a solid system for describing the properties of portals, and omitted a vast area of storytelling components, including rules necessary for dynamic portals and portal crossing–As well as the effects that such inter-dimensional travel might have upon player characters.
Nine Portals RPG implements resolves the issue of this missing link in fantasy-adventure role-playing games with a solid documentation system for portals and inter-dimensional constructs.

Multiple RPG genres
The maps from different games are merged using a portal matrix router, as outlined in our Portal Master’s Guide.

To see how 9Portals works as an adventure campaign using between realms/maps, please purchase our featured book Ultimate Portal Master’s Guide on Amazon Kindle.